How Much is the Environment Worth?

The proliferation of electronics in landfill sites is becoming epidemic. The articles in daily papers expounding the dangers are becoming more frequent. Elements from these products break down into our water system and are a danger to our health. The largest culprits are televisions (Flat Panels)and computer monitors. The mindset of manufacturers is to promote obsolescence and new features in order to keep sales high.

The current recycling philosophy is to break these products down into discrete elements and recycle these elements into new products. The mechanics are that the products are dropped of at a predetermined drop off site and then broken down. In reality there is not a market for the components of these products.

Previous programs shipped the products out of province or out of the country endangering other environments. It was surprising to see a good number of the televisions including flat panel dropped off at these drop off centers were under five years of age and a simple economical repair would result with a television in good working order.

VRS Systems Inc. is a franchiser of electronic repair shops that operates under the trade name “The Video Re-Fit Shop”. We have been in business since 1983 and have been the perfect recyclers of electronics under our environmentally green logo.

Our qualifications are beyond reproach; most manufacturers use us as for their authorized service depot for service of televisions under warranty. All big box stores that do not have their own service department utilize our stores as their service department.

Give us a call if you want your Flat panel repaired. We are so convinced that we can repair your Flat panel that we will give you a free estimate on repairs if it is taken in to one of our repair shops. A repaired television stays out of the landfill and is perfectly recycled.

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